And the winners of Innovator 2017 are...

These up and coming promising student startups took home almost 400 000 NOK!

Last Thursday, two different juries awarded three prizes to Norway's best young entrepreneurs. This is the 11th time Innovator has been arranged, to celebrate student innovation and entrepreneurship.

Talented students presented their most creative and innovative solutions and visions for the future. The winners of the Venture Cup and SpareBank1 Startstøtte were voted. Top executives from industry, investor environment and innovation environment from around the country have spent the last three months finding the country's foremost young innovators.

Supports innovation from school to established businesses

‘As a ‘sparebank’, we have the opportunity to return some of the profits back to the society we are a part of.  Throughout the years we supported many good and important initiatives, such as Innovator, Technoport and Ungt Entreprenørskap’ says Eli Arnstad of SpareBank 1 SMN which is the main sponsor for Venture Cup and Startstøtte prizes.

Highlight of the evening was awarding 250 000 NOK of Startstøtte prize to the best student startup team in Norway. There were three innovative and high quality startups nominated for the prize – Wiral, Hark Technologies and Exero Technologies.

Exero was the winning startup that took home 250 000 NOK.

People with disabilities (spinal cord injury, amputation, cerebral palsy etc.) have limited opportunities to stay active. The few solutions available are large and heavy, which makes it difficult to handle the equipment on your own. There is little focus on design, which makes it less attractive to use today's solutions. Exero believes everyone should have equal opportunities to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they create new one and innovative solutions in close dialogue with end users.

Venture Cup

Winner of the Entrepreneurship Class award of 70,000 is Bedrock

Bedrock has made a geographical instrument to make research of a construction project simple and affordable. They believe that their solution has significant market potential in the construction industry and road and rail developments in Norway and abroad. They aim for partnerships with large Norwegian construction companies to enter the market and open doors for cooperation with international companies.

Winner of Venture Cup's Main Class award of 70 000 NOK is BirdsView.

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