A Mechanical Engineer's Favourite Pitches

55 startups made video pitches for Technoport 2016. Here is a closer look at seven of the best through the eyes of a mechanical engineer.
Pitch Camp Golden 8

Who wants to pitch and win 250,000 kroner?

The voting period for the pitch competition is over. 30 out of 55 competitors made it to the Pitch camp!

I was curious to see who had applied so went through each of the videos, pondering each entrant's pros and cons. Eventually I picked my favourites, based on my own subjective criteria. Only one of the voters' top seven made it onto my list, and a few among my favourites are not among the 30 chosen ones.

1. Calling for help with Zeifie, SmartHelp and Flare

Zeifie, SmartHelp and Flare are all about safety. Even though none of them made it, I am convinced they are heading for a market with demand. And apps are a way more elegant solution for safety than more police staff.

The apps differ in who to call for help (friends, family, authorities) and how (button, phone app) and only time knows who is gonna make it.



2. More flexible delivery with Postkasse 3.0

A service box for those who love to order stuff online, can’t leave the house or don’t want to miss their shippings again. Postkasse 3.0 will pitch soon!

3. Eradict jaundice with Picterus

An app based on research at NTNU allows to detect jaundice with newborns just by aid of a picture, no matter the skin color. This could become a handy diagnostic tool in developing countries!

Picterus will pitch soon!

4. Improve healthcare with Glucoset

Even though Glucoset is not amongst the voter’s Top 30, it is promising. It allows the hospital staff to track blood sugar levels in ICU continuously and fast while being affordable technology.

5. Optimize data processing with Idletechs

Based on Harald Martens research at NTNU, Idletechs will simplify data processing and compressing. With a big data on the rise, simplification is essential.

Idletechs will pitch soon!

6. Reinventing the wheel: Technium

Basic engineering in the best sense of the word. Especially in nordic countries, spikes on a bike in winter are a must. This could make biking even more attractive, and biking is the future! Turn a summer tyre into a winter tyre much faster. Pitching soon!

7. Hygiene control with SaniNudge

Last but not least and just like technium I like how SaniNudge is not trying to invent a problem, but found an existing one and solved it. Better hygiene in hospitals has been a lifesaving matter since Semmelweis’s discovery in 1847! SaniNudge will be pitching too.

To all of those who didn't make it, please give it another shot in 2017!

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