Martin Steinert

Martin Steinert

Professor of Engineering Design and Innovation at NTNU, Former D-School, Stanford.

Martin is a Professor of Engineering Design and Innovation at the Department of Eng. Design and Materials at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), founder of TrollLABS (RCN project 236739) and Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences – NTVA.

Martin mainly teach fuzzy front-end engineering for radical new product/service/system concepts and graduate research seminars for PhDs engaged in topics related to new product design and development. His various research projects are usually multidisciplinary (ME/CS/EE/Neuro- and Cognitive Sc.) and often connected with industry or other academic units. The aim of their 9 PhD strong group is to uncover, understand and leverage early stage engineering design paradigms with a special focus onto human-machine/object interactions. To do so, they engage into extreme concept creation projects them selves, based on concrete challenges from, for example, Kongsberg Technology Forum companies, Kavli Institute of Neuroscience, Novelda AS, or various companies incl. startups from the Molde and Trondheim region … or they just do a technology push project them selves, currently also together with Stanford University (ME310) and CERN (CERN CBI).

Recently, Martins group has published in Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Int. Journal of Product Development, Int. Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, Journal of Eng. Design and Technology, Int. Journal of Design, Int. Journal of Eng. Education, Tech. Forecasting and Social Change, Energy Policy, Information Knowledge System Management Journal …

Ever since a short stint at MIT (also coaching the ME capstone course 2.009) and his time as Deputy Director at the Center for Design Research and at the d.research program (Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research program) and Assistant Prof. (acting) ME at Stanford University, the overarching aim of Martin Steinerts research and teaching is to always push the boundaries for Norwegian product development teams, so that they will ideate, more radical new concepts, faster.

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