The Crucible of Computer Technology

The Homebrew Computer Club produced some of the biggest innovators in Silicon Valley history.
Homebrew Computers

In recent generations, the field of computer technology has long been stereotyped as the playground for eccentric minds whose main intentions are to revolutionize the way we communicate with each other and to influence the way of living.

Talking along the same lines, I came across a computer club which has produced some of the most genuine creators of our generation including Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Adam Osborne to name a few. They called themselves the Homebrew Computer Club, perhaps in a way to emphasize the authentic creativity which has manifested out of it over many decades.

In essence, this computer club may be termed as the proving ground for creative ideas within computer technology to take shape into future technology. When Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak presented their first model of their personal computer Apple I, most people saw two kids with a new toy but, a computer retail store dealer sitting at the back row saw the future and today, Apple is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Computer enthusiasts from all over the world flocked to present their ideas to a vast audience of entrepreneurs, engineers and academic researchers in the hope of bringing their ideas into life. Most failed but, the ones that did succeed reached the summits of achievement.

Since their first meeting in March 1975, the club grew to become the frontier in supplying game changing technology to Silicon Valley. This was the first of its kind and provided early impetus towards micro computer industry.

Homebrew in Trondheim

I talk of this as we at Technoport champion the same spirit and enthusiasm towards bringing out revolutionary ideas into the limelight and provide a stage for creative minds to present their vision for the future.

It is stated that Trondheim is the technology capital of Norway with a number of research institutes in an international setting mostly focused on areas such as Information Technology and energy. We also know that creative ideas require a launch pad to get into the realms of recognition and success.

I believe that Technoport can act as the catalyst in this reaction towards achieving technological advances by providing a portal for inventors and entrepreneurs from Norway and across the globe. As Homebrew Computers is well known for their innovations in computer technology, our goals and intentions are towards achieving similar status to make our mark in the world of innovation.

Photo: Amy Goldstein

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