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Join Technoport's third Live Crowdfunding Experience for a chance to accelerate your business
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Technoport seeks startup companies for our third Live Crowdfunding Experience. In March 2016, will you ­enter the stage, win the crowd’s attention and let the crowd fund your business? If you're interested read on, as the application deadline is fast approaching.

Previous winners Assistep and Vepak raised 600,000 NOK and 330,000 NOK respectively. This year, it could be your company that gets this funding.

Here is what Ole Holtet, the CEO of last year’s winner Vepak had to say about the event:

"Previously I had pitched the company to investors without any luck, but during the crowdfunding event at Technoport I had the opportunity to pitch to a crowd, who earlier didn't bother listening to us when we called. I believe the investors felt they had to 'make the discovery themselves' when four qualified applicants entered the stage."

At Technoport 2016, four new startups will get the opportunity to sell shares directly from stage. Catch the attention from investors, win valuable investment and build your network to accelerate your business.

How to apply

Startups that wish to participate should be technology-­related and be registered as a limited company (aksjeselskap).

To apply, send an email to before November 13. The email should contain a description of your business, along with:

- How much capital you seek

- The valuation of your business

- What you intend to do with the funds

Applications close on November 13.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding can be either reward-based or equity-based. Our event focuses on equity-based crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional investment. With equity crowdfunding, companies raise funds by selling small amounts of shares to a lot of people. Each investor owns a small piece of the company and just like major shareholders, are entitled to a dividend on any future profits.

Equity crowdfunding opens up the possibility of invesment for companies that find traditional investment routes closed or difficult to crack.

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